Wyndam House | Chocolate Fountains Review & For Sale

Wyndam House Electric Chocolate Fountain Sale and Review

Wyndam House TM 120V Chocolate Fountain

Product Features

120v, 85 Watts    
Temperature Control Knob
Thermostat Flow Control Knob
Measures 8-1/4" x 15-1/8" x 8-1/4"
My chocolate fountain reveiw :

I have always loved chocolate, but who doesn't? After purchasing my first chocolate fountain made by Wyndam House, I decided to get a Total Chef Double-Tower Fountain as well. I almost sold my single tower unit, but the first time I used my double chocolate tower at my pool party, I put BOTH fountains out on different tables and it was AWSOME!!! I guarantee that Chocolate Fountains are a big hit with any age group. Adults love to dip food in the hot melted chocolate as much as kids do. If you want a big reaction at any party, or ANY occasion, just put a fountain of flowing milk chocolate in the room and watch what happens. One tip I can give you, so you dont make the same mistake as me, is to be sure not to run out of fondue milk chocolate!!!! AHhhhh.... bummer if it happens. I wont let that happen again! Be sure to have lots of cut up fresh fruit like strawberries, banannas, pineapples, etc... and have some cookies, marshmellows for dipping. Also, dont forget the 6" bamboo wood skewers.
I know there are some battery powered fountains, but I have only used the plug in one that I have here on this page. I hope this has helped you for some ideas to make your next party a big success.



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